714 Press Release Small Business Management Consultant to Present (China)

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Small-Business Management Consultant to Present Global Market Strategies to Business Executives in China 
FAIRFAX, Va., May 4, 2015 – CEO Daniel Kim of 714 Consulting will be among the investors, executives and legal experts from the U.S. and Hong Kong to address the Capital Management Investor and Executive Roundtable conference May 7-9, 2015 in Shenyang, China. 
 The conference will be hosted by a leading Chinese capital management firm, and is slated to be an international executive-level growth summit for business executives and community leaders. 

 As a management expert, Kim’s presentation will be titled “Marketing your business to attract foreign investors and customers.”  

 Kim said his focus during the conference “will be helping to position global market businesses to dramatically increase the effectiveness of the laws of attraction in today’s transnational economy.” 

 Located in Fairfax, Virginia, 714 Consulting is a boutique professional services company that helps small businesses compete with larger entities and corporations by providing them with a range of premier IT, management, and strategy services. 

 “We provide executive-level business expertise to small businesses that cannot employ multiple in-house experts of their own, to level the playing field so that they can effectively compete with much larger companies in today’s market” said Kim. 

 In addition to IT and management services, 714 Consulting specializes in providing businesses with wealth management services, accounting services, and publishing and legal expertise. 

 “We are really about helping businesses to operate efficiently, so that they are able to maximize their resources and achieve the sales growth that they desire. Ours is an authentic business relationship model – we succeed when our clients succeed, so we have a genuine and vested interest in the success of our clients,” said Kim. 
 About 714 Consulting
 714 Consulting is a boutique professional services company located Fairfax, Virginia. It provides contract management talent to small and mid-sized businesses, so that they are better positioned to realize premier market and industry positioning, as well as increased sales growth.