“Operation Military Family’s unique abilities with (714 Consulting) in partnership with our talented team in North Carolina have molded Salesforce.com into a platform that will take us to the next generation in Veteran service and case management. The transparency, visibility and effectiveness state-wide will be unprecedented as North Carolina is the first state to create a paperless Veteran service care system. We could not have done this as fast or efficiently without the OMF Transition Technology Service team.”

-Ilario Pantano, Director of North Carolina’s Division of Veteran Affairs.

“714 are by far the most cautious, competent, and thorough when it comes to our site of anyone we have dealt with…”

-Paul Laurie, Walking Tree Travel | www.walkingtree.org

“I found 714 to be exceptionally competent, professional, attentive, proactive and communicative. They make music from chaos.”

-Jim Canfield, President Operation Military Family


“We are all in the relationship business. Every sale, every service engagement is a relational touch point. To build systems, structures and processes that serve relationships, the builders must be and understand relationships themselves. But relationships without competence fails to honor customer relationships and deliver repeat business. In 714 we found a team that is relationally intelligent and technically brilliant. We have experienced multiples of growth in our reach and depth of relationships since partnering with 714.”

Martin Barrett | Sozo Gifts (Sozo Wine) | Sozo.gift

“714 was pivotal in taking my ideas of being a business owner and making it a reality. The knowledge and skills presented to me was far more than I expected. What a relief it was to be able to fully hand off my marketing and website needs to them. Within months of opening my home daycare, all of my openings were filled and I have a home full of fantastic kiddos and happy parents. Thanks 714!”

-LMNOP Daycare

“…terrific! (They) listened to what I wanted, helped me understand the costs of various options and then took control by helping shop for the perfect equipment. (They) helped select my laptop which I still use 3 years later; introduced me to Google and all it can do to help my business; and helped to write and launch my first website. More importantly, (They are) a resource in understanding the latest in technology and best uses. I heartily recommend.”

-Chris Rhim, CFP | GreenView Advisors