Web Hosting


714 offers web hosting solutions that are both managed and unmanaged. We have solutions for the price conscious as well as those that would like end to end development, security, administration and management.


Simple Hosting

Simple hosting is the basic plan for 714. You will be on your own web server with your chosen product, (ie: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, HTML 5, PHP, MySQL included or your own space for your custom site).

714 will always be available for support, emergency services and extra security for an added charge as needed.


$50 / month

Hosting w/ Security & Backup+

Why do this by yourself, let industry experts take care of securing your databases, your code and your resources as well as manage your backup and restoration processes. And as an extra benefit, we implement a Sandbox WordPress environment for all of our WordPress customers.

Why be caught unprepared when you can have it as a standard in your package.

Try our services out and even if you decide to go back to our Simple Package, you keep our settings, plugins and security that is embedded and you can always come back to our managed security upscaled service and sandboxing for WordPress sites at any time. Contact us now and get these resources as a standard of your site.  


$200 / month

Premium Hosting SEO+

This package includes the "Hosting w/ Security & Backup+" package as well as our specialized Search Engine Optimization. 714 has a history of Search Engine Optimization and Social Integration that goes back to the beginnings of internet Search Engines and Social platforms. For those that remember, we cut our teeth on Netscape and Xanga, let alone being a part of developing with Google, WordPress, "the Facebook" and Twitter since their early days.

With that said, we monthly work to develop your web, search, social and directory presence as well as boost your traffic, ratings, backlinks and help provide content that make you a standard resource on the internet. Take advantage of this solution and we will share our secrets and great resources to educate you and your team not to mention to the work necessary to build your online brand. Other groups offer management, we offer actual work and creation services. All while including our backup solutions, hosting and security.

$500 / month