Technical Capabilities

714 Consulting utilizes and endorses the following technologies:

  1. Systems Monitoring,
  2. BitDefender antivirus
  3. Remote Support
  4. Google voice for automated messaging, and
  5. Scripting for automated patch management.
  6. VMware Virtualization & Citrix XenDesktop Solutions
714 Consulting strongly encourages the use of:
  1. Microsoft Office 365 for Hosted Exchange,
  2. Salesforce CRM,
  3. Google Apps,
  4. Crashplan Pro for backup,
  5. WordPress content management, and
  6. Logmein or GotoMyPC for remote access.
714 Consulting provides experienced and certified developers for:
  1. Microsoft SQL Server,
  2. Server customization,
  3. VMware, Citrix and Virtualization,
  4. Cyber security auditing, and
  5. Salesforce CRM.
  6. WordPress content management
  7. Google Apps & Microsoft 365
  8. Cyber Security & Emergency Web Restores
  9. MySQL & Database Administration & Restoration


Cyber Security

Just to elaborate on the Cyber Security auditing and defense capabilities, we have been told by clients that we offer solutions and skill above and beyond all other firms they have worked with.

We have experience in cyber security for websites including IP banning, Firewall, Brute Force attack defense, attack logging, folder and file encryption, MySQL security, WordPress, CSS & PHP security as well as unique new technologies for avoiding attack and bolstering sites security. Due to a long history with WordPress technology and PHP / MySQL based CMS systems, we are able to offer non-standard solutions when addressing situations that need data scrubbing, site restoration, attack blocking and defense and malware removal.